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The name of the organisation shall be the "Cornish Federation of Male Voice Choirs" as registered with the Charities Commission, No. 292246. It is a requirement of the Federation's rules that a copy of this Constitution, when adopted, is made available to each member choir.


The principal objective of the Federation is to educate the public in the arts and sciences, particularly the art and science of male voice choral music. This objective is underpinned by the Federation's long established role as a representative body serving the interests of male voice choirs in Cornwall.


On their behalf and with the agreement of the member choirs of the Federation, its Trustees and Executive Committee are empowered to sustain and develop the principal objective of the Federation, by:

  1. Promoting male voice singing throughout Cornwall
  2. Increasing public awareness of the cultural traditions and heritage of male voice singing in Cornwall and the benefits this brings to local communities;
  3. Encouraging composers and arrangers to produce original music and modern arrangements for the future development and diversity of male voice music;
  4. Facilitating and organising massed choirs events for the mutual benefit of participating choirs and, in particular, for the raising of funds to assist and support the work of local and national charitable organisations;
  5. Supporting youth music in Cornwall, particularly male choral music, and helping to recruit additional members, especially younger men;
  6. Maintaining a website to provide a central source of information for the benefit of the choirs and the wider community, giving details of each member choir's concert engagements, news and activities.


  1. Full Membership of the Federation shall be available to all properly constituted male voice choirs and male choral groups within Cornwall which support its objectives and pay an annual full membership subscription fee.
  2. Associate Membership of the Federation shall also be available to properly constituted male voice choirs and male choral groups outside Cornwall which support its objectives and pay an annual associate membership fee.
  3. Junior Membership of the Federation shall be available to all properly organised young male choirs and choral groups within Cornwall (whose singers are generally under 18 years of age) which support its objectives and pay an annual junior subscription fee.
  4. The Federation will not discriminate against any male voice choir or male choral group wishing to adopt Full, Associate, or Junior Membership, nor against any individual wishing to take up any official position within the Federation's management structure, on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, religious or political affiliation.
  5. Full, Associate, or Junior Membership shall be deemed to have ceased when any male voice choir or male choral group confirms in writing, its intention to withdraw from membership, or fails to pay the annual subscription fee within 3 months of the AGM, or has been made subject of a membership termination notice (see f) below)
  6. On behalf of the Federation, its Executive Committee shall take responsibility for terminating the membership of any male voice choir or male choral group where it considers that such choir or group has acted improperly, thereby bringing the reputation of the Federation into disrepute, provided that the Executive is unanimous in its decision and only after the choir concerned has been afforded an opportunity to make representations before the Executive.


  1. The Chairman and Treasurer of the Federation shall be deemed to be the Trustees of the charity for the purposes of administration in accordance with the Charity Commission's requirements.
  2. The management of the Federation shall be undertaken by an Executive Committee, consisting ofthe following Officers, all of whom shall be elected annually to serve in these capacities by the general assembly of members at the Annual General Meeting:
    1. Chairman
    2. Vice-Chairman
    3. Treasurer
    4. Press & Publicity Officer
    5. Community Liaison Officer
    6. Three Committee Officers, drawn from the general assembly of members.
  3. The work of the Executive Committee shall be supported by a non-voting Secretary who will receive an honorarium as a contribution towards the costs of carrying out this role, as decided at each AGM.
  4. The Executive Committee shall have the discretion to co-opt other members of the general assembly onto the Committee when there is a specific need to do so.
  5. The Executive Committee shall also have the discretion to seek and invite persons to stand for the honorary positions of Patron, President and Vice President, provided that such nominations are recommended to and approved in advance by the general assembly of members at the AGM.


  1. It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee to undertake and arrange regular meetings in order to ensure an effective means of communication throughout the Federation. Unless otherwise required, these General Meetings shall be held no less than four times per year, one of which shall be the AGM, held in April.
  2. The date, time and venue of all General Meetings shall be notified to the membership no less than 14 days in advance; any matters for the Agenda of these meetings shall be notified to the Secretary no less than 7 days in advance.
  3. In addition to the Executive Committee, full membership male voice choir or male choral group, shall be entitled to send two members as voting representatives to the General Meetings.
  4. Each associate and junior membership male voice or male choral group, shall be entitled to send one member as a voting representative to the General Meetings.
  5. It shall be a requirement of the AGM in particular, to appoint an independent auditor; to receive a Chairman's Report; a Treasurer's Report of the audited accounts for the previous year; and to elect the Executive Committee for the forthcoming year.
  6. The quorum for all General Meetings, including the AGM shall be no less than 10 voting representatives.
  7. It shall be the responsibility of the Secretary to record and distribute Minutes of all General Meetings throughout the Federation as soon as reasonably practical.


  1. The Federation shall rely upon the General Meetings to conduct its affairs using a consensus approach to decision making wherever possible, normally demonstrated by a "show of hands".
  2. In circumstances where this approach cannot easily be achieved, a vote shall be taken and the outcome determined by a simple majority. In the event of a tied vote, the Chairman shall exercise a casting vote in order to make any required decision final.
  3. Any decisions relating to the adoption of changes to this Constitution shall always be considered by the AGM, requiring a two thirds majority of the representatives present, provided that notice of any changes is circulated to the membership no less than 14 days in advance, and provided that no amendment shall have the effect of the Federation ceasing to be a charity as recognised and approved by the Charity Commission.


  1. The Federation financial year shall end on 31" March.
  2. The Treasurer shall maintain a Bank Account in the name of the Federation; keep a record of all income and expenditure transactions and present summary financial statements to all General Meetings. At the AGM, the annual report shall be in the form of an independently audited Statement of Accounts.
  3. All cheques shall be signed by at least 2 officers of the Executive Committee whose signatures are registered with the Bank Account.
  4. All monies raised by the Federation through subscription fees, donations, grants, financial guarantees, and fund raising activities (eg. sale of concert tickets, sale of CD's etc.) shall be invested and spent wholly and solely on promoting the objectives ofthe Federation; no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly to any member(s) of the Federation, except for the payment of legitimate expenses and honorariums incurred on behalf of the Federation.


  1. The dissolution of the Federation shall require a majority vote of the membership at a special meeting convened for this purpose, provided that notice is circulated to the membership no less than 4 weeks in advance.
  2. In the event of the Federation disbanding, any assets remaining at that time, after the payment of proper debts and liabilities, shall, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, be transferred to a local charitable institution or institutions having similar objectives to those of the Federation.
  3. It shall be the responsibility of the Chairman to notify the Charities Commission of the Federation's decision to disband, thereby cancelling its charitable status.

Correct at time of uploading 18 August 2017 - Stephen Ley